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Multi-Functional Cables for Above-Ground and Underwater Towing and Tethering Applications

Posted by Gadi Paran | 01 Nov 2020

Cables are increasingly becoming multi-functional components of systems used for tactical, defense and commercial purposes. If in the past, they were mainly used to transmit power and data, they now play versatile roles in diverse applications and in a wide range of industries.

In this blog post, we will be focusing on cables that have two main functions:

  1. Transmitting power and data in mission-critical- applications
  2. Towing or tethering airborne or submerged objects behind different types of vessels and vehicles

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Tethering cables for airborne aerostats

Aerostats are deployed in both commercial and military segments around the world for a variety of applications such as ground, air, intelligence, surveillance, border security, reconnaissance, communications, perimeter security, as well as sea coastal surveillance and protection.


They usually consist of a tethered helium-filled balloon platform (blimp), a mission payload, and a tether. The tether is a specialized cable used to connect the balloon to a ground anchor and/or control unit. In “live” tether systems, the cable that secures the system to the ground base also continuously transmits power and communications/data to the aerial unit. This continuous cable-based communication between the aerostat and the ground usually extends the time interval in which the system can remain airborne and provides a secure communication channel.

Aerostat tether cables are complex and extremely challenging to design and develop. Each aerostat application is different, and various factors such as weight, communication with various devices, power supply requirements, mechanical performance and pulling forces need to be considered in relation to each specific application.


That said, the common goal for all applications is to produce a cable that:

  • Is small in diameter
  • Is flexible and lightweight
  • Has an optimum tensile strength to weight ratio
  • Combines electrical and fiber optic components to seamlessly deliver power, sound, and high-definition data
  • Can withstand the unique environmental conditions of harsh environments to guarantee maximum performance and long service life

Custom-engineered cables that widest range of towing and tethering functionality

As a recognized, leading cable manufacturer, Teldor has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing highly specialized, often custom-designed cable solutions that are approved and certified according to the most stringent specifications for the defense, aerospace, and marine industries.

We offer a wide range of custom-engineered products for unique applications such as tactical sonar array cable systems, aerostat tethering cables, and underwater sonar system cables.

These specialty cables are usually made to order, so each cable can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. This means that:

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    Conductors and insulation materials can be mixed in unique combinations above and beyond the normal off-the-shelf solutionscabinets.

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    Screens and armors
    can be arranged exactly as you need them

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    Wall thicknesses
    of both insulation and jacket materials can be adjusted to fulfill your exact requirements.

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Using innovative and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, we are able to produce cables with a reduced overall diameter and optimal tensile strength to weight ratio, and to optimize the efficiency of towed cable systems through a combination of advanced materials and engineering know-how.


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